The legendary bitch lives in a sacred well which is the source of the Dark river. When she travels she swims with the reverse current flowing beneath the surface without fighting the stream. The journey can take up to 7 years and she can jump 10 foot waterfalls to reach her destinations. The Bitch feeds on hazelnuts-the source of wisdom, she has an acute sence of smell and an unbreakable bond with her pack and never travels without it.

"Perhaps this is all a fevered dream. In the end, that is the greatest strength of BitchCraft- that the audience will see in it what they want to see, or believe"

"We are the granddaughters of the witches you didn't burn"

"There is no where to land"

"We take stuff from the history of witchcraft that illustrate how women specifically have exercised the social and cultural power they were otherwise denied through magic, then suffered persecution, even death, for those actions"

"Some read the bitch as a method of freeing oneself of norms of femininity. That's one possible reading - just quite a boring one"

"We take what we need to. We do that what didn't get done. We are the Ancestors of The Future. The bitch-ones. The mediators of a history that leaks. Porous bodies reorganizing"

"As you say the word, visualise a bitch curling it's body around you, prepared to fight off any bullshit. She is the performance. A Bitch slap"

Our inspirations: Rock Bitch, Donna Haraway, Cowgirls, Mary Wigman, Pina Bausch, Idadora Duncan and other bitches in dance history, Medicine Cards, The Crow´s magic tarot, Silvia Federici, dance, Hellas, W.I.T.C.H.,

Lucid dreaming: Eliisa Erävalo and Halla Ólafsdóttir

Channeling and bitchcraft: Emma Strandsäter, Gry Tingskog, Ida Arenius, Maia Means, Pinja Grönberg, Sara Kauppila, Vanessa Virta

Digital sound and light mediation: Axel Norén

Production: Uniarts

Premiere at DOCH 18-21 May 2017