DETTA SKEDDE I MAJ 2023! Kul, vad? Jag medverkade genom två olika verk, Mineralism och Markus lär sig finska och i ett panelsamtal om flerspråkig scenkonst modererats av Farnaz Arbabi. Vad fint det var att prata med Jani Lohikari och Vanja Hamidi Isacson. Se här för Vanja's arbete: och följ Kaveri-Kollektivet för ett...



Det har hänt mycket men skrivits lite här! Art has happened!

I got to show Mineralism/Mineralism in Malmö 7/11. Always a bliss. Especially with a technician and a dear friend Anthony in the team. This was also my little daughter's first tour and it went just great. Touring moms should receive MA in Logistics.

16/11 we had a premiere and then a tour! Marcus Baldemar and me. With this lovable piece och choreography. Markus lär sig finska. More coming on the website about it soon. Our last show this year will take place 12/12 in Stockholm.

And this happened in September. Two days in Uppsala at Köttinspektionen. Precious. The Bitch will take a rest now but she will always come back. THANK YOU KÖTTIS! Ni är bäst!

This happened in August! BITCH at Turteatern. It was amazing. The Bitch pack grew with two new dancers, Eleanor Bauer and Shirley Harthey Ubilla. And the piece grew longer. A pandemic gift to be able to do a one-on-one piece that takes about 50 minutes. 50 minutes for one person. Exclusive, yes. Special, yes. Hopefully not just once in a...

Here are some pics from the work Be the Ocean that we premiered with in February. More of the work here.



THIS HAPPENED! In these tough times we had a chance to work and make this one-on-one show at MDT. 52 shows in 4 days. The tickets got sold out fast but there will be more coming: Turteatern in August! See you there, bitches!



In the studio we have been nuancing and searching for the brightness of our doing - as Maija Nurmio is a wizard of brightness. We've been also grabbing and softening in the touch of each other. In these days working as a dancer is a saving hand. We're even preparing a premier! It will take place in Barker theatre...

Just in the crack of a possibility to tour we had a kick ass week in Kulturhuset Mazetti in Malmö with Mineralism/Mineralismi! The rest of the Autumn got cancelled but now we're hoping for our tour with Scenkonst Sörmland to start in March. Keeping our hopes up that we get to gather with groups of school kids and give their imagination a ride. ...