Here are some pics from the work Be the Ocean that we premiered with in February. More of the work here.



THIS HAPPENED! In these tough times we had a chance to work and make this one-on-one show at MDT. 52 shows in 4 days. The tickets got sold out fast but there will be more coming: Turteatern in August! See you there, bitches!

Just in the crack of a possibility to tour we had a kick ass week in Kulturhuset Mazetti in Malmö with Mineralism/Mineralismi! The rest of the Autumn got cancelled but now we're hoping for our tour with Scenkonst Sörmland to start in March. Keeping our hopes up that we get to gather with groups of school kids and give their imagination a ride. ...



December 2020 me and Halla Ólafsdóttir got to start a collaboration with Bøler Samvirkelag! Such a treasure and privilege. Premier of GRANDDAUGHTERS coming spring 2021 but the magic is already at work.



In the studio we have been nuancing and searching for the brightness of our doing - as Maija Nurmio is a wizard of brightness. We've been also grabbing and softening in the touch of each other. In these days working as a dancer is a saving hand. We're even preparing a premier! It will take place in Barker theatre...

Be the Ocean


First waves of a new work by Maija Nurmio just washed my feet. In August starts the rehearsals of this work in Helsinki and my part in it is to dance. Meanwhile preparing a deeper encounter with deep ecology.

Alla spelningarna av Mineralism/Mineralismi behövde avbokas från mitten av mars på grund av rådande situationen med covid-19 men vi hann ha fina spelningar i Österåker i början av mars! Höstens planering står stilla just nu men året 2021 kommer att innehålla massor av mineralmagi!! Mineralism tips? Ett sätt att hitta lite ro är att ha en sten i...

3 veckor sen höll jag en workshop hos Dansinitiativet i Luleå! Ett papper från den ramlar varje dag från arbetsboken och påminner mig om alla och allt från den veckan. Norrbotten <3