Prophetic Dances re-visits the idea of artist as a prophet and dance as a means of channelling. Here the encounter between the spectator and the performer becomes an invitation for prediction and projection. Eliisa and Hanna use their tradition in dance and choreography as the platform for practising spirituality. Prophetic Dances is part of a project called Prophetic Practises. It has its heart on intuition and dancing and its curiosity on what comes after that. Bodies that are between the present and the future.

Prophetic Practises is a one-to-one performance where the spectator receives an individual reading in a form of prophetic dancing.

The performance will take approximately 10 minutes per person.

Concept: Eliisa Erävalo

Collaboration and Performance: Eliisa Erävalo/ Hanna Strandberg

Visual design: Eliisa Erävalo and Hanna Strandberg

Coproduction: Zodiak - Center for New Dance (Helsinki, Finland), MDT (Stockholm, Sweden)

Photos: Dramaten

Premiere at Sidestep Festival at Zodiak - Center for New Dance February 2013

Tour dates:

6, 7, 8 December 2013 Dramaten (Dans <3 Stockholm) August 2015 Indigo Dance Festival (PAF, St Erme, France)