Breaking down the constructions of self-identity, this production by Eliisa Erävalo thinks through concepts like 'playing safe' and 'taking risks'. Even as it brings these ideas to the stage, the solo is constantly seeking to justify itself.
What are the conditions within a society, an educational institution, or even oneself for making and sharing work?

"Eliisa really has an exceptional energetic
charm, and a great sense of mischievous fun."
-Andrea Brooks, Artistic Director of Zygo Arts
"Finnish theatre performer and choreographer
Eliisa Eravalo's solo piece was an undeniable
hit. It was a breath of fresh air; funny, natural
and unaffected, cheeky and charming. It
engaged the heart and the mind, with wit and
skill. The thing I want to recommend people to
do is to catch any opportunity they can to see
it, because it's really naughty, great sense of
-Millie Ross, Elia

With and by: Eliisa Erävalo

Mentors: Linda Adami, Alice Chauchat, Kroot Juurak

Production: Mychoreography

Toured at:

Dansens Hus (Stockholm, Sweden)                                       ACT Festival (Bilbao, Spain)                                              Atalante (Göteborg, Sweden)                                            Inkonst (Malmö, Sweden)                                                         PAF Spring Meeting (St Erme, France)                                 DaFlo Festival (Dala Floda, Sweden)