Winner for Now is a project around success in the world history and in our own peronal histories. It approaches winning and losing from the perspective of time. Winning is temporary. Losing is temporary. Microsoft lost after have been winning for a long time. Mariah Carey lost. Euro lost. The aboriginals lost. The plague lost. The portable cd-player lost. Lambada lost. First Katie Holmes lost but then Tom Cruise lost but now Katie Holmes is losing again.

With and by Eliisa Erävalo and Hanna Strandberg

First premier at Impuls Tanz "Workshop Workshop" 2011

Toured with new premieres at

Bellyflop Festival (London, England)                                   Teater Reflexen (Stockholm, Sweden)                                   CCSB (Hölö, Sweden)

Coproduction: Jardin d'Europe, Konstnärsnämnden, Turteatern (residency)