Funeral By Lisen Ellard and Mattias Lech


Be the Ocean at Barker-teatteri
By Maija Nurmio


Andrahandskontraktet at Bomassan
By Stina Nyberg


Bodywood at Scenkonst Sörmland
By Sandra Medina & Anna Efraimsson

Fånglägret at Mångfaldens Magasin
By Per Sundberg


Dåndimpen at Lule Stassteater
By Marie Wårell

THIS IS GRAND ***Hej Hej PALS!*** at Fylkingen
By Ellen Söderhult

Tyskmagasinen at Mångfaldens Magasin
By Per Sundberg


The Group Piece DOCH/ Grounds Festival
With Runa Norheim, Ursula Nill, Ida Sidenvall, Noah Hellwig and Arnaud Bourgoin

Another 12 at Benjamin in Palestine                                            By Sara Gebran


The Protocol
An ongoing collaboration initiated by Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Simon Asencio and Karina Sarkissova

Made in Russia at Dansstationen
By Dorte Olesen

Eat it! at Turteatern
By Rebecca Westholm

Giselle                                                                                              By Halla Ólafsdóttir and John Moström


Dance of the Angels and The Beach ImPulsTanz Dancer
By Mårten Spångberg

Absent Made Present at The Royal Opera House London
By Freddie Opoku-Addaie

Best Beast at HAU 3
By Guillerme Garrido

Undertone at Brigittines, Tanz im August and Avantgarden
By Sidney Leoni

Made in Stockholm
By Dorte Olesen


New Dimension Of The Idea at MDT
By Rebecka Stillman

Lesley at Bitef Teatar Belgrade
A collective work by "Lesley"


By Malin Anclair and
Måns Erlandsson

Voodoom, waking the model at Dansens Hus
By and with
Sara Gebran and Ylva Henriksson

True Narratives at Fabrik Potsdam
By True Narrative Collective/
Noha Ramadan and Jennifer Mills

Resolving Upside Down at Centre Pompidou With Mychoreography

All tomorrow's parties at Teak Theatre
By Maija Nurmio

Bodies in Urban Spaces in Stockholm/Dansens Hus
By Willi Dorner

- 2009

SPIN Musical at Svenska Teatern Helsingfors                        Chor. Reija Wäre

Marilyn Musical at Tampereen Työväen Teatteri                        By Tiina Brännare

Suruttomat Musical at Tampereen Työväen Teatteri                  By Sirkku Peltola and Virve Varjos